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Community grant review is our annual process to evaluate nonprofit applicants to ensure that The Community Fund of Darien is investing in the most effective local nonprofit organizations.

Approximately 80 local volunteers contribute their time, expertise, and perspective to our due diligence efforts. Volunteers are place on teams (panels) and are assigned 3-4 organizations to review. Volunteers will read applications, conduct site visits, and working with their panel, complete an evaluation rubric for each organization. The panels will then present their findings and recommendations to The Community Fund of Darien's Community Grants Committee.

2024 Community Grant Volunteers

The Community Fund of Darien is thrilled to announce the start of our 2024 community grants process, and we are delighted to share that we have a record-breaking team of 84 Community Grant Volunteers (CGVs) leading the way!

Meet the Panels


Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4

Panel 5

Panel 6

Panel 7


Panel 8

Panel 9
Photo coming soon!

Panel 10

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