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Touch-a-Life Fund
Granting Security

Since 2006, the Touch-a-Life Fund has provided more than $121,000 to Darien residents who are experiencing urgent financial need in covering basic living expenses.

In cooperation with the Department of Human Services, The Community Fund of Darien will pay essential bills for Darien residents, including:​

  • Assistance with rent to keep Darien residents in their homes and avoid potential eviction proceedings

  • Assistance with household utilities such as electricity and heating oil to keep families safe and warm

  • Assistance with essential necessities such as food, prescribed medications, and medical equipment

Payments are made directly to the vendor on behalf of the client.

Residents in need of assistance should contact the Darien Department of Human Services.

Touch-a-Life Fund

The Touch-a-Life Fund was a lifesaver for a 60-year-old Darien woman who recently lost her job. After working a steady job her whole life, she was laid off during the Covid-19 Pandemic. She was overcome with fear and worried about becoming homeless. The day came when she could not afford her rent anymore, so she reached out to Darien's Department of Human Services which asked for Touch-a-Life funding from TCF.  The Touch-a-Life Fund, specifically for Darien residents, helped pay her rent. She was appreciative of the help and has since found a temporary job which she hopes will become permanent.

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