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Youth Community Fund

The Youth Community Fund (YCF) is a group of approximately 50-60 high school students who learn about philanthropy and the role of nonprofits in our community. Participants will:

  • Engage in a variety of volunteer projects at different local nonprofit organizations

  • Raise funds for the YCF grants pool

  • Identify and invite a group of agencies to apply for funding

  • Review funding requests and collectively agree on how best to allocate funds, approximately $15,000, to local nonprofit organizations

​Youth Community Fund participants must commit to attend monthly meetings and a minimum of 3 community service activities. Students, in groups of 4-6, participate in the funding review process which includes site visits to nonprofit organizations. 

Volunteer activities and fundraisers are scheduled on afternoons or weekends. 

Past volunteer activities have included serving dinner at a homeless shelter, teaching English classes at an immigrant center, stocking shelves at a food pantry, tutoring students at an after-school program, and hosting a holiday party for disabled adults. In addition, the group invites nonprofit leaders to come speak to YCF about their nonprofit organizations and the needs in our community. 

The group is led by Lisa Haas, Community Investments Director, two parent advisors – Ginger Morgan and Melissa Williams – and high school seniors in elected leadership positions.

Questions? Please email Lisa Haas


My time in the Youth Community Fund ended up being one of the most formative experiences I had prior to college. It gave me a jumpstart into a field of study that I was not even sure existed. To be a sophomore in college, studying nonprofit management, and already have experience in the nonprofit sector is so beneficial to my college experience. My time in the Youth Community Fund has proven to be a major supplement to my college education.

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