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Substance Use Resources

February 8, 2024
"The Social Scene: Coaching Your Teen/Tween to Make Positive Decisions
Presented by the Thriving Youth Task Force, Liberation Programs and YWCA Parent Awareness

Joyce Sixsmith, Darien High School’s Connections Counselor, and John Hamilton, President and CEO of Liberation Programs, spoke about how to help your teen/tween make healthy decisions about the social/party scene and tips for talking about the potential risks and consequences of substance use – its impact on physical health, mental well-being, academic performance, and future opportunities.

Moderated by Susannah Lewis, Thriving Youth Darien Co-Chair.

Scroll down for resources and parent handbooks about talking to your kids

about alcohol, marijuana and vaping!

From our March 22, 2023 event at Darien Library
"Don't Wait" documentary film screening & discussion
Presented by the Thriving Youth Task Force, The Depot Youth Center, Silver Hill Hospital and YWCA Parent Awareness

Don't Wait 3-22-23

Other resources from Addiction is Real:

(click titles to access)

Christina Passaretti (TYTF),

Erin Kelley & Pam Greenberg (Addiction is Real) and Sara Mirsky (YWCA Parent Awareness)

Learn to identify the signs of drug and alcohol use through a “Hidden in Plain View” experience with Addiction is Real Executive Director Erin Kelley and Emeritus Board Member Pam Greenberg.

Parent Handbooks for Talking with your Children about Alcohol and Marijuana

Turrisi handbook cover.JPG
Marijuana Talk Kit cover.JPG
Vaping guide cover photo.JPG

Local Mental Health & Substance Use Resources

Darien Department of
Human Services

Spring 2022 - Marijuana Education Campaign/Town-Wide mailing

Visit our Instagram and Facebook pages @thrivingyouthdarien 

to view our marijuana education social media campaign.

TYTF "Vaping, Edibles & the New Marijuana" Presentation

Watch the recording of our January 25th event with experts Darien Police Chief Don Anderson, Liberation Programs' John Hamilton, and Silver Hill Hospital's Susannah Lewis below:

View the slide deck from our January 25th event

"Vaping, Edibles, and the 'New' Marijuana:

What Every Parent Needs to Know."
​Click the image below:

The "Our Darien" 06820 Campaign

TYTF's nationally recognized “Our Darien” 06820 campaign examined the impact of alcohol on the teen brain and ​encouraged healthier attitudes and behaviors.

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